बिहार Epidemic Disease CoVid 19 नियमावली 2020 के अंतर्गत प्रधान सचिव, स्वास्थ विभाग के आदेश को ध्यान में रखते हुए रामपुर मे सरकार जी के आगमन(23 मार्च से 25 मार्च) का कार्यक्रम, अगले आदेश तक स्थगित किया जाता है।        

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Terms and Conditions
1. The Officers and Members of Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan are working on a voluntary basis and no payment is given to them. Enrolment is non-transferable and the once the payment (Donation) is made, it will not be refundable.
2. Any kind of misbehavior / misconduct may be result in rejection of Enrolment. All disputers subject to jurisdiction of Siwan (Bihar) only.
3. Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan will not be responsible for any misuse of ID Card issued to the officers and members during the course of their Membership with Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan.
4. On expiry, the ID Cards / Certificate must be submitted to the Admin office within 30 days. After expiry renewal is a must for regular Membership.
5. In case of change of address / mobile number, Officers and Members should inform the same to the National Admin office.
6. In case of loss the identity Card / Certificate inform the Head Office in writing along with the F.I.R. immediately.
7. All Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan officers and members should contact their respective Area / Distt / State & National units’ office once in a month.Strict action will be taken against the Officers and members, if found guilty floating the rules and regulation of Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan.
8. If you have any doubt, question or problem, please contact Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan Admin office. All right reserved to Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan.
9. Applicant can use photocopy of the Enrolment Application form which will be duly Acknowledge by the National Admin Office one received duly fill in.

I have read all the Terms & Conditions of Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan.