बिहार Epidemic Disease CoVid 19 नियमावली 2020 के अंतर्गत प्रधान सचिव, स्वास्थ विभाग के आदेश को ध्यान में रखते हुए रामपुर मे सरकार जी के आगमन(23 मार्च से 25 मार्च) का कार्यक्रम, अगले आदेश तक स्थगित किया जाता है।        

Sahib Darbar Seva Sansthan

All the people live for themselves but we have to live for others. It will only be possible when we have a sense of dedication and feeling of compassion.This will happen when we abandoned ourselves from this charlatanism world and help the oppressed and needy people in our society. Its not easy to sacrifice but also it’s not impossible. We are in the middle age of our life that means we already lived our half lives for our people now its time to live for others ,for needy people.We can not do full welfare of our society but at least we can make a change. Together we can bring REVOLUTION.